I coach executives, and  professionals at all levels to improve the clarity and effectiveness of their speech.  

I give them the polish they need to represent themselves, and the organizations they work for, in the
best possible light.

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...what do others hear?

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Accent training
to manage foreign

Polish your image
with precise,

Find and keep
your best
speaking voice

Find your
"Way with Words"

(and more.)

Asperger's Services in NY & Long Island

Asperger's Solutions / Social Savvy
Solutions for individuals with Asperger's Syndrome, related conditions and those
who lack social competence and the communications skills that go with it.

Making Asperger's Work at Work 
College Coaching Plus+
SLP Services - From Childhood through Adulthood

Why in the world do we need to speak effectively?

The Changing Workforce.  New York: A commercial Mecca attracting professionals from all over the nation and world.  In reaping the benefits of new sources of talent, we also reap new challenges--How to communicate effectively when various versions of American English are being spoken. New York. Even more-so “The “Melting Pot.” Decrease  the communication “Melt-downs” and stereotyping limitations that result from ‘foreign” and “regional” accents.  Send a clear message; achieve a clear edge.

Recommended:  Accent Modification

Can we hear you now?  Entire businesses are created around telephone communication.  Businesspeople hustle through the streets and drive their cars “connected” to their mobile phones. Speech-wise, the phone can be particularly challenging. -- Accent & Speech Solutions can allow you to send a clear message whenever you pick up the “phone.”

Recommended:  Accent Modification, Dynamic DictionSmarter Speaking

The Media is the Message.  Anchormen, TV journalists, radio announcers, sportscasters and advertisers have increasingly brought the likes of politicians, athletes, and spokesmodels  to the public “ear.”  What will the public “hear?”—Send the best sound byte messages with Accent & Speech Solutions.

Recommended: Accent Modification, Dynamic DictionVibrant Voices, Smarter Speaking

Time is Money, and Image is Everything.  “Say” it right the first time. Whether in the boardroom, a lecture hall, at team meetings, during a sales encounter or presentation, efficient speech and powerful voices say as much about you as your words and ideas. Does your communication say “leader?” Send a clear communication and project the right image from the start with Accent & Speech Solutions.

Recommended: Accent Modification, Dynamic DictionVibrant Voices, Smarter Speaking

  People and institutions are held increasingly accountable.  Accomplished physicians must give clear orders.  Teachers need to be good speech models.  Professors must be able to impart their wisdom.  Lawyers must be able to be offer arguments clearly.  Send a message of competency with Accent & Speech Solutions.

Recommended: Accent Modification, Dynamic Diction, Vibrant Voices,  Smarter Speaking