Small Group Program: Effective Communication
for Non-Native Speakers of American English

Develop confidence and polish to non-native speakers of American English for career
or personal development in an affordable format, due to popular demand

This DYNAMIC GROUP program will develop the prime areas* that comprise standard American English pronunciation and general principals for improved communication including:

  1. Troublesome speech sounds for non-native speakers.
  2. Pronunciation of problem words for each participant
  3. Numerous rules for stress and intonation
  4. American slang and expressions
  5. Appropriate voice and rate of speech to enhance clarity
Enrolling 3-5 participants of any “foreign” language background
Location:  Manhattan, New York
14 hr course delivered over 9 sessions.
Start date:  March 20, 2015
Session 1 is 2 hours.  (6:00-8:00 p.m.)
Sessions 2-9 are 1.5 hours each (6:00-7:30 p.m)

Call 516-524-0450


(Please put “Info request for February accent training” in your subject line.)

See also our Accent Modification page - click here.

*Goals determined as a result of years of experience with individuals who have been trained under my guidance with a one-on-one format.  You may contact me for details regarding one-to-one training as well, by email or phone 516-524-0450.

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