Carole Kornsweig, president of Accent & Speech Solutions, is a NY State licensed and nationally certified Speech-Language Pathologist.  She has channeled her 30 years of experience as a successful private practicing speech specialist to meet the communication needs of the business world. 

In addition to
Accent Modification, she offers customized programs in diction, voice, and communicative competence.
Her professionalism has earned her the Certificate of Clinical Competence and two ACE awards
from the American Speech and Hearing Association.  As an adjunct lecturer at Queens College of CUNY she supervised interns of the Department of Communication Disorders.

Her commitment to professional
development led her to pursue Compton P-ESL certification, which further inspired her interest in Accent Modification training.  Pursuing her commitment to excellence in delivery of her services, she achieved the status of Preferred Trainer with LDS and Associates.

She served two terms (’06, ’07) on the Executive
Board of the Corporate Speech Pathology Network (CORSPAN.) 

She is active in Toastmasters International and she
currently serves on the board of her local club.

Carole Kornsweig has recently joined a cooperative of experts at Spectrum Services and has added additional services to her menu entitled Asperger Solutions. 

Just as she segued her clinical skills into the business-world, Ms. Kornsweig is now returning the favor and bringing her
knowledge of the world of business/professional communication and culture to the population of those on the high-end of the “spectrum”—those with Asperger Syndrome, high functioning autism, and related disorders. 

To this end, she offers solutions to this population, and those 
they work for, in bringing “talent” to the fore, while diminishing “challenges.”

Years of clinical experience allow Carole Kornsweig, M.A.,CCC/SLP to treat the gamut of social communication/academic concerns associated with this population from early childhood on through adulthood; and offers an enriched coaching experience to college students with social difficulties.

She is active in Toastmasters International and she has served on the board of her local organization.

Bringing 30 years of experience as a speech specialist to meet the communication needs of the corporate world.

Individual programs and group classes for accent improvement available.


What Carole Kornsweig has to say about herself:

"Over the years, my extensive background with individuals with communication challenges has taught me that there is no such thing as one technique that works for any given objective. Flexibility, judgment and liberal use of the “stand on your head if that works” philosophy have served me well.


Expanding her scope of practice to the world of business

"In time, I came to realize that individuals without pathology, still had very real difficulties achieving their professional or personal goals when their speech clarity or ability to express themselves was inadequate. I further learned that organizations such as corporations, educational, clerical and medical institutions suffered significantly when their professionals did not communicate effectively. 

She succeeds when YOU succeed

"I draw on strong analytical and problem-solving skills and putting adult learning theory into practice. My ability to shape the speech sounds of English,  understand the speech and voice mechanism, and know the forces behind communication are the elements that make my programs work.


The human factor

But my box of tools would not be complete without knowledge that human beings require support.   Proper feedback, as well as interesting and relevant strategies, are essential to helping an individual meet the often-considerable challenge in making changes in general, and in making changes to speech patterns in particular."


What others say:

Carole sets incredibly high standards for herself. She also holds tremendous insight into our field. She can always see exactly what a client needs. She uses her judgment — and she’s usually right on target.” Deborah Goore, M.A.,C.C.C./SLP  

“—She knows when to be serious, pushes you when you need to be pushed, and has an awesome sense of humor. It’s clear she loves what she’s doing.” Ellen Mast-Oceanside, NY

“Carole was quickly able to point out in very specific ways what I need to work on to reduce my foreign accent. She knows her work, and teaches well—in an easy, comfortable way. Each visit, I learn something I never knew about how to form a sound properly. Carole’s level of commitment is also high. She’ll do what is necessary to take you where you need to get. Gladys Jennerjahn, Administrator-Queens

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