Pronunciation of American English - Level1

Goals and expectations for Level 1 program*

Trainees will learn to produce the majority of their most glaring differences that interfere with speech.  Whether to acquire speech sounds, or appropriate rhythm and intonation patterns of American English, or to learn appropriate vocal projection; the trainee will have the opportunity to practice these elements in the context of American idioms and business vocabulary and usage.

During the course of training, the trainee will practice portions of their actual work presentations using their new skills.  The trainee walks away with the basis for continued improvement toward consistent use of their improved speech patterns.

*Goals and expectations will differ somewhat depending upon the program specifically designed for you or your company.  

Time Factor
Level1 programs will generally be accomplished between 16 hours for individual training and 25 hours for group training.  Training is offered in blocks of training for maximum immersion when possible.

Further training
Training programs, classes, and workshops designed for increased mastery or specific aspects of American English.  Click here to view a sampling of other accent modification solutions.

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