To the HR Professional

 When they speak, what do others hear?

You work hard to recruit and retain a diverse team of high-caliber people. And you set high expectations for them. Including the ability to communicate effectively - both within your organization and to the outside world.

 So when they speak, what do others hear?

Clarity of the spoken word is the cornerstone of effective communication. It makes all the difference in someone's ability to send the intended message as well to project confidence and authority - one-on-one, on the phone, in team settings, formal presentations or on camera.

I'm corporate speech trainer, Carole Kornsweig... I work with executives and professionals at all levels to improve the clarity and effectiveness of their speech.  I give them the polish they need to represent themselves - and the companies they work for - in the best possible light. 


Accent Modification: To bring clarity to diversity
             Dynamic Diction: To present a more polished image
Vibrant Voices: To project greater professionalism
                                            Smarter Speaking: To boost confidence and sophistication


More accurate communicationsaving time and money, raising customer satisfaction; and lowering errors, complaints, and legal risks

Improved job performance:  for stronger contributions to your organization, greater retention, and higher return on your investment

Confidence-inspiring credibility- raising leadership and sales potential to grow your organization's profitability.

INVESTING IN SPEECH - What's in it for you?

Let's start with your key people...

They're bright. Motivated. Full of energy. To be effective they need to work face-to-face with others.  And they need to have others focus on WHAT they say, not on HOW they say it.


Now let's talk about everyone else.

Among them sit even more key people who are being ignored or passed over.  Why? Maybe their heavy accents make it difficult for others to understand them.  Or maybe their tiny, child-like voices project low self-esteem. Or their loud, abrasive voices are rubbing people the wrong way. When they are self-conscious about their ability to speak well, they don't speak up.  And they don't stand out.  Wouldn't it make sense-for them AND FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION - to give them the boost they need to come into their own?

Bottom Line.

Professionals who effectively communicate their talent become stronger contributors to your organization. they are more able to:

inform    teach    contribute ideas    lead    sell    motivate

represent your organization

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