Class Structure Options and Time Factors

Private Training:  The most customized of the programs, geared to changing specific differences and maximizing the learning strengths of a particular individual.   Since there is less time away from work, it can ultimately be more cost-effective.  This is the best way to meet the needs of individuals who are at a significantly different ability level (either higher or lower) than the majority, or to tackle specific areas of skill development.  It also works best when there is a troublesome sound or other objective that requires intensive effort. This is also the best method when maintaining privacy is a concern.  

The Time Factor: A typical training program for Level 1 Accent Modification program for private training/coaching requires 16 contact hours including pre- and post- testing.  
Training times for services for other than Accent Modification will vary.

Group Training:  Group sessions can train up to four people.  (And yes, speakers whose native languages differ from each other can be trained in the same group.)  While a certain degree of customization can be managed, it cannot be to the same extent that individual sessions can offer. On the other hand, there are benefits to be had from the group experience.  The increased contact hours do provide more opportunity to be exposed to general information and speech sound/intonation practices that can apply to many members of the group while still allowing time to spend on tackling some individual differences.  There is increased opportunity to develop “listening” skills, engage in role-play and group interactions that might be more related to enhancing carry-over to real-world situations.  The potential camaraderie and group support that can result from the shared experience may also enhance para- and post-workshop learning.

The Time Factor:  A typical training program for Level 1 Accent Modification program for groups up to 4 will generally require 25 contact hours including pre- and post- testing.  
Training times for services other than Accent Modification will vary.

Combination Training:  Perhaps the best of both worlds-- providing various proportions of individual customized training with the dynamics provided by a group.  This format is available for Accent Modification programs only.

The Time factor:  Amount of hours will vary depending upon the proportion of individual to group experience. Sessions will be conducted in block hours of training time and will include pre- and post-testing.

 This format is designed to expose larger groups to concepts involved in more intensive training programs.  Can be used as an introduction to training programs, or as a stand-alone when appropriate.

The Time Factor: Varies.

Contact Accent & Speech Solutions for more details and program inquiries.

The right “formula” can be determined by the trainer after screening the candidates

Individual Candidates:
If you are a success-oriented professional seeking accent or other speech training for yourself, you will generally be trained in the individual format. * **


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*Do you know a few friends and colleagues who would also benefit from training programs? We can form a group.  Perhaps you belong to or are affiliated with an organization that would benefit from a workshop regarding Accent Reduction/modification or other success-oriented speech training? Workshops of specific interests will happily be arranged.

**If you are only interested in group training, contact me and I will contact YOU when a group training is being conducted.


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