When You Speak....What Do Others Hear?

In this brave new world, high expectations are set for you - including the ability to communicate effectively- both within the organization and with the outside world.

So when you speak, what do others hear?

Clarity of the spoken word is the cornerstone of effective communication.  It makes all the difference in your ability to send the intended message as well as to project confidence and authority—one-on-one, on the phone, in team settings, in formal presentations, or on camera

You are bright, talented, and motivated.  But to be as effective as you need to be, you have to have other focus on WHAT you say, not HOW you say it.

I’m corporate speech trainer, Carole Kornsweig. I work with executives and professionals at all levels to improve the clarity and effectiveness of their speech. I give you the polish you need to represent yourself in the best possible light.


 Accent Modification  — to bring clarity to your excellence.
• Dynamic Diction — to present a more polished image.
• Vibrant Voices— to project greater professionalism.
• Smarter Speaking — to present with greater sophistication.


• More accurate communication reducing need for repetition and clarification, raising customer satisfaction, lowering your legal risk and increasing your effectiveness by reducing misunderstandings, errors, and complaints.   

• Improved job performance
to contribute more strongly to your organization and achieve the recognition for your talents.

• Confidence-inspiring credibility raising your leadership and sales potential.

Why Invest in Speech?
People who speak clearly are better able to


Give directions


Contribute ideas





Represent yourself

Represent your organization


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