The Process 

The following describes the process (the "how to") by which professionals can achieve control over their accents:

For corporations and other institutions: After determining your companies’ needs, and having screened the candidates for training, the appropriate program design and format are chosen. 

For Individuals wanting to reduce accents:
After an initial consultation in which your specific needs are assessed, a program best designed to suit you is designed.

Analysis. I learn about the trainee’s role and functions within the organization. We discuss the professional challenges he/she faces. A detailed and videotaped speech analysis is conducted in which all speech differences are discovered.  I develop a plan to address those sound and intonation issues that make the strongest impact on clarity.
Training Experience:  Programs take into account all adult learning styles, but stress active involvement.  Trainees learn how to listen to and replicate speech models. One  learns to listen to and assess his/her own production. I can provide the professional feedback that assures the correct production. And I can shape those sounds when they are troublesome. Experiential exercises quickly move from structured contexts to actual usage that counts—for the professional and for the company.    
Trainee’s Responsibility.    Consistent attendance at sessions is important. Between sessions, the professional benefits from daily practice with tapes, CDs, or CD-Rom materials and participation in available short phone sessions. For the best results, the trainee is asked to be proactive in listening for, making note of, and producing good speech in “real world” situations. Both during and after the training sessions, the trainee can take advantage of the recommendations provided by this trainer to help further evolve his skills.  This includes post-training phone sessions.
Results. After the training, a post-test is administered. With committed effort, every trainee can expect to experience significant and measurable changes in their ability to pronounce American English.
What happens next? Advanced and specialty modification of accent training programs and workshops (Click here.) are available for those who want to further enhance their pronunciation skills, work more intensively on grammar, and increase their ability to use American English expressions.

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