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Have you ever noticed some people just have a way with words? 

True, some people are just glib, while others need a little help to express themselves better.  Some people ramble on. Others don’ know what to say -- they have trouble fleshing out their ideas either orally or in writing. Choosing the right words can make the difference between a persuasive presentation and a flop.

Sometimes even leaving messages on the phone can be a challenge. Other times composing emails that are grammatically correct or concise enough to be well-received is the issue.  And what about those who seem to always say the wrong thing at the wrong time?

And what is your body language saying? Is your non-verbal communication giving others the wrong impression? Learn to master your postures and gestures so that they match what you are trying to communicate.

This area of development covers such concerns as vocabulary, finding the right words, grammar, organization of material for presentations, and the etiquette of talking.  It also covers non-verbal communication. These solutions will help the professional be more confident in communicating facts and ideas to his “audience” both when speaking or writing.

Custom Programs:
The hallmark of Accent & Speech Solutions is the customization of programs to meet the needs of the company or individual desiring better speech.  Let me assess your needs and come up with creative solutions that are designed with YOUR needs in mind.

Solutions for Smarter Speaking

included, but not limited to:


  • Words that Work
  • Phonetiquette
  • Better Listening
  • Considerate Communication
  • Presentations with Punch
  • Get the Grammar
  • Effective E-mail

    While the above solutions can ordinarily be handled on either a private, group, or workshop format, sometimes these or other solutions are more appropriately handled on a private basis.  Contact Accent & Speech Solutions to determine the best format.

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