Why Choose Accent & Speech Solutions

Business Specific
Accent & Speech Solutions prides itself on its adaptability: providing program options that can best work with your company in terms of time, budget, and relevancy to the communication needs of YOUR business. 

Flexible Offerings
Accent & Speech Solutions offers individual, group, and combinations of individual and group experiences. Programs that grow with increasing skill levels are available.  Whether it be unique programs focusing on various aspects of American Engish (Accent Modification) or programs designed for better speechvoice and communication for all your personnel in question, customized  programs designed to meet the needs of YOUR company are readily created. 

Accent & Speech Solutions can come to your company, or can offer offsite locations near your company if preferred.  Programs can be conducted during or after work hours, or even on weekends.

Accent & Speech Solutions offers programs based on realistic expectations, measurable/observable progress, and geared towards improving communication situations that matter most to your company.  Each program is designed to succeed according to different criteria.

Utilizes Best Practices
Accent & Speech Solutions culls its eclectic Accent Modification program  designs from various training perspectives and materials that are the most effective for achievement of enhanced speech clarity. However, since my credentials include Compton P-ESL certification, this highly regarded program can be delivered if specifically requested. Other programs for diction, voice and communication improvement are based upon sound practices of speech, voice and communication science.  All training put the principles of adult learning theory into practice.

Accent  & Speech Solutions understands that within a given company there are valued employees who have difficulty communicating their talents.   While it is reasonable to assume that most companies would want to invest in their executives and key managers and professionals, consider that there might be people who are currently less recognized simply because they lack the ability to effectively communicate their abilities.  Therefore, additional “key” people may be discovered along the road to training clearer speech.
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Making Asperger's Work

  At Work

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